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If there was a sincere liking between George and the Major, it must be confessed that between the boy and his uncle no great love existed.
The spokesman KCCA questions that either selection on performance is made in domestic cricket or fitness, personal likings and dis-likings, nepotism and contacts is the criteria.
likings provide both the comparisons used in selecting the goals that supply the focus for planning and the basis for evaluating plans" (p.
These beliefs, acting on one's general likes and dislikes, brings about a state of liking or disliking the situation that (it believes) obtains.
In the end, it is logic problems and paradoxes that the finished program can solve, not problems that involve agents manipulating the world to make it more to their liking.
Figure 2b illustrates the linear regression of appropriateness ratings on likings ratings within the two groups.
As a result of a series of studies in the 1960s and 1970s, Berlyne (1971, 1974) proposed that there is an inverted-U relationship between liking for artistic stimuli (such as music) and their 'collative' properties [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Similarly, Steck & Machotka (1975) found an inverted-U relationship between ratings of liking and complexity assigned to several musical stimuli.
Taken as a whole, these studies confirm Berlyne's prediction that there is an inverted-U relationship between liking for music and variables such as complexity.
In an attempt to overcome this, North, Hargreaves & Binns (1994) found that liking for the music in television advertisements was mediated by its complexity as well as by its perceived appropriateness for a given advertisement.
On the basis of this model we should expect to find that liking for music increases with the extent to which it is a typical and appropriate exemplar of the music normally played in a given situation.