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Mind you, those who pull on blackand-white are in the main, with a couple of exceptions, a bunch of lilylivered, gutless non-triers, but the trouble in football is that the man in charge of the dressing-room pays the ultimate price rather than those who cock a deaf 'un to everyone around them.
You can confiscate a blade but you can't behead someone for an outrageous comb-over - because lilylivered liberalists would have a field day.
Capturing the lilylivered President (Aaron Eckhart), the Koreans torture their way to the nuclear access codes and mercilessly shoot a dog.
John Senden, Nick O'Hern, Richard Green and Brett Rumford all have the tools to tame this track, but they are a lilylivered quartet who have cost their followers fortunes down the years.
But once you have accepted this, it's time for any lilylivered townie to push on and find out more about these bizarrely likeable creatures.
Once it had purged itself of lilylivered liberalism, it could win.
Don't let those lilylivered wimps change our course.
The boys are off to the good old US of A to man-up - they want to prove they're not namby-pamby, lilylivered guys, but tough blokes capable of dealing anything that life throws at them.
Because if we don't stop being lilylivered about violent crime it won't be long before killing a cop becomes an initiation rite for gangs in the way that raping women is now.
Civil servant Paul Johnson, aged 49, from Kings Norton, said: "I'm sick of these lilylivered people who are promoting a nanny state.
Given Nalbandian's inconsistency under pressure - he can be warrior-like at times and lilylivered at others - the match is hard to call, though, and anyone sitting on fancy prices about either player may prefer to sit tight and enjoy the ride.