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To obtain a standard 12-lead ECG, skin electrodes are placed on each of the four extremities (right and left wrist, right and left ankle) as limb leads (Einthoven, 1902).
Electrocardiographic values of 5 standard limb leads in 8 helmeted guinea fowl.
It is now over 100 years since the limb leads of the electrocardiogram (ECG) were introduced (1), 75 years since the unipolar chest leads were designed (2) though only 65 years since the precordial electrode positions were standardised (3) and approximately the same time since augmented unipolar leads were introduced (4).
Limb lead electrocardiograms and intracardiac electrograms were amplified and recorded by means of a custom-designed 128-channel computerized multiplexer recording system with a bandwidth of 0.05-1000 Hz at a sampling rate of 4000 Hz and an accuracy of 16 bits.
One of the studies found that the inclusion of music in the recovery of upper limb leads to the emergence of positive effects not present in the therapy without music (Kim, 2005).
The lack of ankle motion in the amputated limb leads to greater knee and hip flexion and extension to complete the pedal stroke.