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nd she will specifically look for mycorrhizal fungi that associate with whitebark and limber pines.
And when a page-turner was needed, a surprisingly limber Salonen served.
Dam Tina At Last was, conversely, a member of the last litter sired by Limber Hill, brood sire of the 2001 Coronation Cup heroine Scobie Girl, but an otherwise unobtrusive litter-brother to the 1991 Produce winner Live Contender, who set a national 525 yards record at Cork.
UP TO 1,000 husky dogs were expected to limber up today before an annual dog race - the largest of its kind in the UK.
Limber has informed the board of directors that he is resigning as president and chief executive officer effective December 1, 2002 to pursue other opportunities.
Swimming - Strong and limber arms and legs will propel you in the water.
TOTS will be able to limber up and learn the tricks of the ancient art of yoga while their parents shop.
First and most critically is the casting of Broadway veteran Howard McGillin, who brings an effete and limber grace to Capt.
The 5' 10" dancer has always been extremely limber, which she says may have made her more susceptible to back injuries.
Dalia Megiddo, Managing Partner of InnoMed, the life sciences fund of Jerusalem Global Ventures, announced today that Jerusalem Global Ventures has led a $6 million financing round for Israel-based Limber Ltd.
The Fed's recent comments only served to crystallize the need for investors to stay limber right now, and Adam Oliensis will help you do just that with his technical analysis and stock suggestions.