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By the time we arrived in Oakland I was as limber and strong as ever,--though Charlie and Neil Partington were afraid I was going to have pneumonia, and Mrs.
Murdstone binding something round the bottom of a cane - a lithe and limber cane, which he left off binding when I came in, and poised and switched in the air.
She struck the Mary Turner squarely amidships on the port beam, so that, from the poop, one saw, as well as heard, her long side bend and spring back like a limber fabric.
KNEES-UP Siobhan Callander from the Tuam All-Stars limbers up for TV talent show
Trainer Martin Brassil, while commenting on riding arrangements yesterday, also expressed himself "very happy" with Nickname's work as he limbers up for his defence of the EUR100,000 Grade 1 Leopardstown race on December 27.
You just hope nobody decides to copy that stupid tosser who last month ignited the limbers of the Burning Man in the Nevada desert several days before it was scheduled to go up in ceremonial flames.