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Most contracting parties include "minimum" insurance limits that must be carried while the contract remains in effect.
Consider them if you have bumped into limits to the levels of contributions of highly compensated participants.
On January 24th, the Idaho House of Representatives voted 50 to 20 to scuttle a 1994 statute to impose term limits.
Industry representatives readily accept renewal of the current metal limits, but the lower total suspended solids limit is another matter, says Leonard Surges, manager of environment, safety, and health for Noranda, one of Canada's largest mining and smelting companies.
In an example such as this, some companies use an arbitrary limit of $25,000 when requested to do so by the agent, knowing full well that the maximum single job is $150,000.
Another way to use limit orders on the sell side is to enter "stop-loss" orders with your broker, A stop-loss order is used primarily to limit losses on profitable stock positions.
Even if you believe it is intrinsically good to shuffle the decks in the legislatures every couple of years, term limits have been, at most, a partial success.
Not all of these claims can be objectively assessed, of course, but the weight of the available evidence, and the common-sense perception of the matter, appears to fall on the side of term limit advocates.
For instance, Fay notes, OSHA cited no scientific studies to justify its new limits on vegetable-oil mists or fumes from aluminum welding.
Your goal is to get them where you want them within the engineering specification limit, and hopefully well within these limits.
414(q)(1)(B) limit used in the definition of a highly compensated employee increases from $95,000 to $100,000.
In the absence of the new law, D's maximum annual deferral limit for 2003 would be $12,600.