limit of endurance

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Outraged nature had reached the limit of endurance, and the girl was physically powerless to raise herself even to her knees.
Many will be doing it for "fun", others to test themselves to the absolute limit of endurance, while the majority of "normal" mortals have signed up in order to do something for charity.
Having saluted his Saudi hosts by thanking them for helping out Arabs and Lebanese in facing up to the influx of refugees he put damages incurred by Syrian displacement at US $ 865; Machnouk also referred to the Nineth Clause of UN resolutions pertaining to helping out refugees describing the presence of over than one and the half million displaced as a real catastrophe The minister listed 18 heavily polluted rivers in a country afflicted by 762 arbitrary waste dumps along with unprecedented felling of trees such that it is high time for an urgent international intervention; he went on to speak about villages swelling up with refugees with water and electricity resources stretched beyond limit of endurance.
We will be getting close to the experience of Captain Bligh and his crew; however everyone aboard the Talisker Bounty Boat will be pushed to the limit of endurance and survival, forever hungry and unsure of everything, except their own desire to fight through this.
Colin becomes James' nemesis and pushes him toward the limit of endurance.
In this delicate and punctual dissolution of a restraint through its own self-consumption, one identifies the trait of a sensation experienced just at the limit of endurance.