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The limitary nonlinear vector f(x, t) satisfies the following Lipschitz conditions:
Within the contextual boundaries of survival processes, the words and meanings of life, liberty, and limitary (3Ls) are familiar enough to all of us.
For further calculations, these values were used as limitary values to optimise the pipeline network diameters.
The data in this paper has limitary material properties like w/b (0.37~0.47) and diffusion coefficient (1.4~7.3 x [10.sup.-12] m/[sec.sup.2]) so that it is necessary to extend the range for enhancing application.
4): the 1st-kind condition, constant head--piezometric level of the Upper Devonian aquifer (the pressure head 3-4 m above the top of the aquifer) (layers 3 and 4); the 2nd-kind condition--constant groundwater flow at the edge of the limitary watershed (layers 1 and 2); the 3rd-kind condition--constant water exchange between rivers, lakes of the watershed and adjacent computational blocks, transfer rate 5000/20 000 m [day.sup.-1] x [10.sup.-4] (in/out) (layers 1 and 2); the 4th-kind condition--extraction of water from the quarry with a constant yield of 158.3 [m.sup.3] [h.sup.-1] (in layer 3) (Report ...
Analysis of design composition of asphalt mixtures used in Lithuania and analysis of the composition of asphalt specimens taken from the roads of Lithuania showed that asphalt mixtures are designed and produced with the limitary bitumen binder content which is close to the min limit value.