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1988), the Florida Supreme Court held that a limitation period was equitably tolled on grounds not listed in [section]95.051.
The first version of the UNIDROIT Principles appeared in 1994 and was a success, which made the UNIDROIT Governing Council take steps for the development of a second edition which was to complete the first edition with new topics of interest to the international legal and economic community (the translation into Romanian of the 1994 UNIDROIT Principles was carried out by a group of lawyers within the civil-law society Sova & asociajii, 2002); thus, the second version published in 2004 included new rules on the authority of agents, third party rights, set-off, assignment of rights, transfer of obligations and assignment of contracts, limitation periods (the translation into Romanian of the 2004 UNIDROIT Principles was carried out by Ene and Oprea, 2006).
6229(a) does not create a separate limitation period, but simply sets a minimum period for adjusting returns.
If a suspension cause of the limitation period arises, the period of time until the fiscal body may assess the fiscal obligations is calculated by adding the suspension cause period of time to the date the limitation period started to run.
The legislation provides for a two-year limitation period from the date of the award on obtaining a "remedial order," including an enforcement order where the right arises from foreign law, for all proceedings brought in Alberta.
A member state may set a limitation period on claims for payment of increments, denied to migrant workers on the basis of application of a domestic law incompatible with EU law, ruled the EU Court of Justice, on 15 April.
(69) This interpretation gave the plaintiff who alleged sexual assault in that case the advantage of more generous limitation periods. (70) In this author's view, it was a decision that was a long time coming.
Similar policies on limitation periods operate where a claimant seeks to add an expired claim against a new defendant Here, under section 2-616(d), there must be not only the "same transaction or occurrence," but also receipt by the new person in a timely fashion (ire., per Rule 103(6), if not sooner) of "such notice of the commencement of the action that the person will not be prejudiced in maintaining a defense on the merit," including where the person "knew or should have known that, but for a mistake concerning the identity of the proper party, the action would have been brought against him or her."
Although this suggested cap is far from brief, the resolution's aim is to push the European Commission into harmonising the varied national laws of the 25 EU member states on limitation periods for accident and injury proceedings, which "may have undesirable consequences."
[O]ne explanation for the dual reference might be an oversight on the part of the legislature, which appears to have copied, without paying attention to the procedural differences, the wording used in Article 2 of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2988/74 of November 26, 1974 concerning limitation periods in proceedings and the enforcement of sanctions under the rules of the European Economic Community relating to transport and competition (OJ 1974 L 319, p.

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