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Restricted in duration, extent, or scope; confined.

Limited liability is the rule that the owners or shareholders of a corporation cannot usually be sued as individuals for corporate actions unless they are involved in Fraud or criminal conduct.

Limited is also a designation following the name of a corporation that indicates its corporate and limited liability status; it is abbreviated Ltd. It is found most commonly after British and Canadian corporate names, although it is sometimes used in the United States.


adjective angustus, bounded, brevis, checked, circumscribed, circumscriptive, confined, constricted, controlled, cramped, curbed, definite, fixed, hampered, impeded, insular, narrow, parvus, prescribed, restrained, restricted, stinted
Associated concepts: limited agency, limited by law, limited guaranty, limited jurisdiction, limited partnership, limited waiver of immunity, limited warranty
See also: arrested, brief, certain, conditional, dependent, imperfect, infrequent, local, minimal, narrow, parochial, part, partial, petty, private, privy, provisional, qualified, scarce, slight, specific, strict, temporary
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6) Fame Well Creation Limited (China Resources Land Limited)
The United Bank Limited (UBL) slipped to one step down to 9th position in the table of Net-Worth in 2006.
Publicly traded businesses or entities with a large number of owners will find their access to the LLC structure limited for several reasons.
The limited warranty must be extended to the first owner of the home and survive the passing of title but may exclude any, or all, subsequent owners.
As the LLC and the limited partnership are not automatically classified as corporations, they choose the latter, or "default," classification.
The distinction is important, because the deductions allowed for donations to certain private foundations are more limited than those for other Sec.
The Convert and Theatre Company Limited TC & TC 1 Limited XIL Limited Woodsedge Limited Cornerstone Public Relations Limited Chapmans Displays Limited Birkdale Services Limited Central Entertainment Limited Arden Vale Homes Limited Spotlight Advertising
The exclusion of limited partners' earnings applies as defined in the regulations, not under state law.
The Internal Revenue Service held that LLCs may be treated as partnerships for federal tax purposes (depending on the specific provisions in the LLC's operating agreement and the applicable state law); as such, LLC members are in effect limited partners.