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Prior to March 2005, Watkins was notified of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) plan to extend State Route 753, which called for a limited access highway to be constructed through Watkins's property.
A project of this magnitude, installing a liner within the existing 72-inch culvert more than 300 feet long under 35 feet of fill beneath a four-lane divided, limited access highway, proved to be a very cost-effective solution to rehabilitate a failing culvert.
(12) Yes, a limited access highway owner would not be faced with exactly this problem; motorists could transfer from each of their home cites that lie at the endpoints of the road to the other.
Osmena Highway is not a tolled road under the regulation of the then-Department of Public Works and Communication, now the Department of Public Works and Highways, as mandated by Republic Act 2000 or the Limited Access Highway Act.