limited amount

See: paucity
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Hetty blushed a deep rose-colour when Captain Donnithorne entered the dairy and spoke to her; but it was not at all a distressed blush, for it was inwreathed with smiles and dimples, and with sparkles from under long, curled, dark eyelashes; and while her aunt was discoursing to him about the limited amount of milk that was to be spared for butter and cheese so long as the calves were not all weaned, and a large quantity but inferior quality of milk yielded by the shorthorn, which had been bought on experiment, together with other matters which must be interesting to a young gentleman who would one day be a landlord, Hetty tossed and patted her pound of butter with quite a self-possessed, coquettish air, slyly conscious that no turn of her head was lost.
As they came out of church the ringers swung the bells off their rests, and a modest peal of three notes broke forth--that limited amount of expression having been deemed sufficient by the church builders for the joys of such a small parish.
At present, in consequence of the existence of private property, a great many people are enabled to develop a certain very limited amount of Individualism.
Chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Gaza's Supplies, Raed Fattouh said that there are 20 trucks loaded with aid for commercial sector in addition to a limited amount of cooking gas.
Improving hotel industry fundamentals, including rising demand and a limited amount of new supply, is creating what we believe to be significant investment opportunities for our clients," stated Stephen J.
Notwithstanding this guidance, the Department has a legal responsibility to provide a limited amount of publicly accessible information associated with each Departmental purchase card account.
Gopalswamy and his colleagues, analyzing CME travel times dating back to 1859, propose that the speed limit comes about because the sun can pack only a limited amount of energy into an individual eruption.
Both narration and performances are spirited, and the actors convey their characters quite well given the limited amount of dialogue they have to work with.
Certain international accounts receivable securitizations, which the company intends to replace or restructure, remain in place, as do a limited amount of additional foreign committed and uncommitted lines of credit.
Auctioneers Sherry FitzGerald said prices are rising sharply because of a hike in inflation, immigration and the limited amount of second-hand homes available on the market.