limited area

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Shortly thereafter I started for the Sahara in search of a rather rare species of antelope that is to be found only occasionally within a limited area at a certain season of the year.
The participants of the expedition came to the conclusion that their population lives in a very limited area of aa2500 square kilometers, but even this small area is gradually shrinking due to agriculture, livestock breeding and mining.
Cholistan Development Authority Managing Director Rana Muhammad Saleem said the showers fell in a limited area but these would prove beneficial for the people who were staying here.
The ECP said the decision on the use of i-voting would be made after several tests and pilot projects would be initiated in a limited area instead of an entire constituency.
Gaza/PNN On Sunday evening, July 16th 2017, a Israeli gunboats, located off Khan Younis shore,started to heavily open fire at a fishing boat manned by 3 fishermen sailing within the limited area allowed for fishing.
Thus, the ban covers only a limited area and is of limited duration.
Information notice: of the contract and scope: Due to the increased need for more backup power NE[sup.1]dnett both base stations and transmission network, the Directorate for Emergency Communication (DNK) decided to undertake a project to raise the reserve power capacity in a limited area which could provide a basis for which solutions should introduced NE[sup.1]dnett throughout Norway.
Some Seller financing may be possible to qualified buyer This business is an a good location with limited area competition.
The system cannot cope with the traffic flow as it is let alone MORE cars, more people visiting and more parking spaces needed in an already overcrowded and totally limited area.
"Pwllpeiran has a limited area of improved grassland, and it's in a whole-farm ESA agreement, so it has been a real long-term trial of the practicalities of organic beef and sheep production in upland Wales," said Mr Frost.
Both microscopes feature a smart mapping function, enabling mapping analyses of a limited area without the use of an automated sample stage.
It can be set to produce images only of those people in a prescribed area, which enables it to do such things as to count the number of people in a limited area or even measure the height of those people.

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