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Restricted in duration, extent, or scope; confined.

Limited liability is the rule that the owners or shareholders of a corporation cannot usually be sued as individuals for corporate actions unless they are involved in Fraud or criminal conduct.

Limited is also a designation following the name of a corporation that indicates its corporate and limited liability status; it is abbreviated Ltd. It is found most commonly after British and Canadian corporate names, although it is sometimes used in the United States.

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Third, our validation is limited to the Caucasian population and can only limitedly be extrapolated for other ethnicities.
Furthermore, the Focus Group Discussions result disclosed that "sometimes a more liberal and open social atmosphere air have been felt among members of the same level or status." However, "it is very hard for employees to defend or express their sides in times of controversies since the line of communication between the top authorities and subordinates are observed by the employees to be limitedly open".
So succeeding theories apply to previous domains and are applicable to ever more phenomena." Thus, for Trundle, theories "are not said to be false in a Popper-like way or even limitedly successful research programs in Imre Lakatos-like language when they are superseded historically by truer theories.
Various diagnostic methods like indirect haemagglutination (IHA) test, virus neutralization test (VNT), enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), fluorescent antibody technique (FAT) and agar gel immunodiffusion test (AGIDT) are used limitedly to detect IBDV and molecular techniques like reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) have frequently used to detect viruses from the field samples (Gohm et al., 2000; Mathivanan et al., 2004).
However, in CCTs, this participation is limitedly prescribed; participation is conceived as properly performing required behavior.
According to Herbert Simon (1961), the individuals are "intendedly rational, but only limitedly so".
Previously, calls for help were limitedly handled by service desk workers and passed on to the short-staffed, high-level IT and AV engineers.
Malnutrition during the neonatal period, which may affect the cognitive function when they grow up, can be circumvented by supplementing many types of micronutrients.12,13 Since most neonates in this study were premature infants, they had low birth weights and limitedly digested carbohydrates.
It needs to be funded by donations, enterprise profits, and limitedly government.
I decided to fetch my tweets from these areas as I deemed them to be somehow, though inevitably limitedly, representative of the way the practice is employed in the two countries.
Conventional protection devices are limitedly capable to cope with the increased capacity especially at high voltage networks.
Thus, the study represents limitedly immigrant smoking change and can lack indirect generalizability of smoking change.