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The building and the politics and practice of world literature understood as world literatures must be characterized by boundlessness and limitlessness in order to achieve an understanding and practice of the universal and planetary.
It calls us to explore the limitlessness of God's sovereignty and freedom.
This leads to the perpetuation and the further ideologization of capital's limitlessness and its detachment from historicization.
Enclosure and limitlessness become paradoxically synonymous in many of Carpenter's works.
In The Broken Shore, Woods and cinematographer Martin McGrath work with a restrained colour palette to create an interesting effect whereby gradations of sand and parched grass--the greys, muted greens and soft blues of the expansive flatness--gradually blend in with the sky, creating a sense of limitlessness.
The low pricing and optimum performance enable users to enjoy the power, flexibility, and limitlessness of cloud computing.
The more one recognizes the limitlessness of human freedom, the more one proclaims God's freedom to reveal or not to reveal.
Marlatt seems to be suggesting that there are no lengths or limits to the practice of fictionalizing history, that any limits to representation are "purely imaginary" Such a limitlessness aligns with Derrida's theory of supplementarity in that it points to an endless number of supplements, a continuity outside the fixed limits of the text and of history.
Her abjection has to do with the will to limitlessness and the conviction that, "If one tries to be unlimited, one becomes horrible" (439).
This limitlessness makes layers of colours on top of each other's and creates new meanings of colours, shades, textures, tones and lines.
The ancient Indian "rishis" or seers are believed to have lived constantly inside its limitlessness.