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Along with the question of limitation and limitlessness, Kant claims that the "most important and intrinsic difference between the sublime and the beautiful" is the matter of violence.
Psalm 103 provides some of the most beautiful and poetic language to help us understand the limitlessness and the awe-someness of God s intention to forgive us.
136) Voruz writes: "Unlike what the neurotic secretly hopes for in analysis, the limitlessness of jouissance is the true horror, not castration, and it is the anxiety generated by that limitlessness that prevents the subject from acting out of desire.
The ultimate limitlessness of nature comes from recognizing that the cognitive relation with things is not the exclusive relation or even the highest one we can achieve.
The campaign, being "fraught with the destruction of the most profitable methods of illegal enrichment, might demolish the foundation of the regime and the loyalty of the bureaucracy, which so far has been satisfied with the limitlessness of its enrichment .
Both disciplines situate the reading and learning subject at the liminal, linguistic and social territory of the formative self, where the reading or learning subject inhabits a space that is suggestive of limitlessness, possibility and responsibility
If Charles Webb's original intention was to demonstrate the confusion, perplexity and limitlessness of the post modern mind, then, from my point of view, director Alistair Cheetham got that across, in this version.
And so, my fellow human beings, the sixty-year Palestinian nightmare continues, endless only due to the limitlessness of our inhumanity.
According to Derrida, in an endless series of differentiative deferments, a signifier refers not to a real presence but only to another signifier: "One could call play the absence of the transcendental signified as limitlessness of play" (50).
It is through this paradoxical self-knowledge of our limit and limitlessness, a "learned ignorance," that philosophy, for Plato, is not a possession of wisdom but is a love of wisdom.
a measurement of what is deemed culturally unfeminine, a testament, if "set straight," of the limitlessness of charismatic masculinity; she is also a cock-tease for sybaritic heterosexual sex.