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When DEG was used as a solvent for the depolymerization reaction, the conversion rate considerably decreased, even when using LIMn and CTAB as catalysts, which presented good catalytic activity.
Jos Limn was a pioneering figure in modern dance who was born in Mexico but settled in New York, where he set up his dance company in 1946.
The railway will help to decongest route 32 and boost economic growth in Limn province while utilizing clean energy.
My mind can limn the outline, flesh in all detail of near and
Pages 78-79: Don leather armchair and ottoman from Limn ( or 415/543-5466).
The individual profiles, simply and clearly written, limn portraits of the era as much as the executives.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues efforts to achieve an early return of the Costa Ricans, who apparently left their boat in Limn, in the Costa Rican Caribbean and remained adrift since December 1.
The authors -- Herman and Gioia and futurists, and Olivo is a researcher specializing in measurement -- trace the well-known data behind the trends (the impending retirement of millions of Baby Boomers, the smaller number in the generations behind them etc.) and limn the need for companies to proactively manage workforce expectations.
Half-timbered walls, steep gables, and overflowing planters illustrate the inventiveness of Northern California design in the early 20th century You'll see this drawing and nearly 100 others illustrating the Bay Area's architectural history--including work by such luminaries as Julia Morgan and Thomas Church--in a dazzling exhibition at Limn Gallery in San Francisco.
Quotes from Borges and Char, which limn the volume, announce the courage and the wonder we find in Detambel's writing, whose originality strikes so true that we immediately recognize the monsters unleashed, yet guarded against, by the dogs recalled in a name.
Tenders are invited for Providing arid laying of dustbin at various places m Municipal Committee Samp la limn.OUT sourcing Tender for Hiring Manpower
Industry analysts limn the competitive landscape and project where the industry is headed.