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As Reisman constructs the family timeline against carefully limned settings, replete with Buffalo neighborhoods and four seasons of intense weather, each sibling's viewpoint vouches for the accuracy of the others', although it seems that this is the only aspect of life on which the siblings would agree.
Lafcadio Hearn, shortly after landing at Yokohama in 1890, described "wind-waves from the snowy cone of Fuji" and limned a reality where "everybody is small, and queer, and mysterious.
If Dashiell Hammett had written the stream-of-consciousness detective novel he once claimed he would like to, and that manuscript had been passed on to Edmond Jabes for severe line editing, then stolen by early-career Samuel Beckett to be dosed with bursts of hot humor and jaunty textures, then revisited by late-career Samuel Beckett for cooling and quieting, then borrowed by the late poet Jackson Mac Low to undergo various destabilizing textual operations, we might, if we could lay our hands on the resultant hybrid wonder, have some sense of the baffling, polymorphic territory limned in Robert Majzels stunning antinovel, Apikoros Sleuth.
Even the excerpt from Hemingway, though deftly limned and subtly hinting at the contrasts between a peaceful day of Swiss angling and war-torn Europe, is little more than an appetizing sketch.
As conspiracy theories go, the one limned in American Assassination is pretty simple: An electromagnetic pulse device, of "EMP," was used to kill the plane's instruments and cause it to crash, whereupon the FBI rushed to the scene and removed the cockpit voice recorder.
They were dollar bills, but they limned and dislimned and flowed and contorted, and they were suddenly chairs, flowerpots, roosters, beanpoles, ladders, snakes, pots and pans, even (and with the possibility of an entire drawing appearing only on a single frame--1/24th of a second--how could you be sure?
Later, to his good fortune, the vibrant Louisiana years would be limned and become the source of his inspiration, moments he worm return to again and again for motivation, plots, place and characterization.
From the pining self-doubt of "Self Help" ("Remind myself that I'm not just in it for the money") to the ferocity of "Stone Thrown" to the empty, careening space of "Panic Attack," Knights and Pardijanian have limned compact episodes full of pithy observations and off-kilter metaphors: "I'm the stone you've just thrown into the ocean/How many stones have you thrown?
27) Significantly, due to his belief in that Other, Bakhtin was sent into exile, limned as Other to Stanlinism.
It's a delightful book, filled with colorful characters quickly but deftly limned.
The premiere of Woolf Phrase, on a bare stage, featured Richard Siegal speaking passages by Virginia Woolf and frisking like a puppy as Prue Lang limned a seagull, cawing and all.
The notion that a highest bidder will soon be able to reside in this lofty perch is certainly enough to rile Community Board members and those who still doubt that their revered Manhattan skyline is, in fact, limned in dollar bills.