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Similarly, The Devil Turn'd Limner, another anonymous tract published in 1704, evidences the strong presence (if not influence) of Miltonic sources, again used in the service of the High Church at the height of the crisis over occasional conformity.
A baseball fan and card collector himself, Pursley's career as a limner of ball players began on the Register.
Abbaticchio & Limner Communications, 305/538-7226
Exceptional artists who stand out in these contexts include the multi-tasking jeweller, goldsmith, designer and limner Nicholas Hilliard (1547-1619; Fig.
Celebrating Scottish and Welsh talent, the exhibition - which opens today and runs until next Saturday - is also displaying pieces from Elizabeth Blackadder, who has been made aDame for her services to art and appointed Her Majesty's painter and limner in Scotland.
9) The text was paramount, and only towards the end of the medieval period would the limner portray a figure from religious history or a royal personage or donor.
Although Hanna comments about the Auchinleck limner that his "efforts have been generally ignored and unduly trashed" (79), this is no longer the case: in a recent monograph Maidie Hilmo (2004: 112-25) provides a complete discussion of the five miniatures still remaining.
IT IS said that Humphrey's father, although vicar of Holy Trinity, was so poor he had to trade as a limner, a portrait and miniature portrait artist.
It is a late work (dated here to around 1595-1600), depicting, at her explicit behest, the 60-something queen as a woman in her prime (she commanded Hilliard, her court limner, to paint her without ageing shadows in the face).
This newly discovered manuscript also shares the same limner with the others, having the characteristic single stem and leaf extending from the ground to left of a champ initial (Fig.
Patricia Stirnemann was the first to say in print that the limner of Paris, Bibliotheque nationale de France, MS fr.
The Duke of Rutland's Fall of Princes is also decorated by the same limner as the other two manuscripts, Harley 1758 and Antiquaries 134 (see fig.