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A great stylist, Malmquist's immersive prose perfectly limns the demands of living within the chiaroscuro of deep grief.
Tropical Malady (June 29, limited): This arty Thai critics' favorite delicately limns the growing affection between a relatively worldly soldier and the younger farm boy he romances.
In cadences like the heartbeat of the universe and gorgeous images both abstract and concrete, McDermott limns a creation story from Genesis that echoes many others
To chart the often exasperating course of democracy in America, West limns the work.
The list is by design eclectic, irreverent, and woefully incomplete, but it limns the many ways in which the world has only gotten groovier and groovier during the last 35 years.
Richard Dougherty here limns Brownson's profoundly original approach to questions of church and state.
So you can rest assured that you are not living the resume-building networky faux-life David Brooks so brilliantly limns in this book.
British poet chiefly remembered for "Grongar Hill" (1726), a short descriptive and meditative poem that limns the view from a hill overlooking the vale of Towy and uses this as a starting point for meditation on the human lot:
O'Neill, former editor of the New York Daily News, limns the impact of moral relativism on the news media.
Jaclyn limns Rosa's woes, worries and unalloyed fears with understated grace and dignity-no vein-popping dramatic caterwauling or show-stopping histrionics that we often see in the telenovelas she appears in.
This biographical portrait of globetrotting director-cinematographer Richard Leacock limns his key contributions to the evolution of the documentary form--particularly regarding technical innovation--while capturing a buoyant personality already past 50 when Weiner began filming him in 1972.
The orchestra sounds like a well-oiled machine, and Salonen limns a well-balanced sonic portrait of the fine ensemble he has built.