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Tropical Malady (June 29, limited): This arty Thai critics' favorite delicately limns the growing affection between a relatively worldly soldier and the younger farm boy he romances.
To chart the often exasperating course of democracy in America, West limns the work.
The list is by design eclectic, irreverent, and woefully incomplete, but it limns the many ways in which the world has only gotten groovier and groovier during the last 35 years.
Richard Dougherty here limns Brownson's profoundly original approach to questions of church and state.
He succeeded beyond anyone's dreams, While he can certainly be considered a model in some aspects, the picture that Brinkley limns is not one that is wholly flattering--not by a long shot.
So, the author writes: "Thus we find in Ficino a portrayal of the human subject that matches in fundamental regards the subjectivity given voice in late Renaissance opera [chapter 2]; in Descartes a model captured in opera seria and its immediate antecedents [chapter 3]; in Kant a subject that has haunted the operatic stage for the last two centuries [chapter 4]; and in Nietzsche a reconceiving of subjectivity that challenges Kantianism and limns an opera that perhaps has never been [chapter 5]" (p.
So you can rest assured that you are not living the resume-building networky faux-life David Brooks so brilliantly limns in this book.
Oracabessa home of honey light that limns / all around with gold leaf; could this be the city / sought after by prophets and poets?
He deftly limns her alarming new shape: "Her feet are bare, her face pale and shiny and, it seems to me, rounder than usual.
The orchestra sounds like a well-oiled machine, and Salonen limns a well-balanced sonic portrait of the fine ensemble he has built.
Prompted by his distinguished straight man, the poet and critic Charles Bernstein, Antin first limns his early life and poetry.
With a lavishly textured screenplay by the director's brother, Carlos Cuaron, Y Tu Mama Tambien limns its teen universe with a 360-degree alertness to humanity and an appreciation for the porous nature of sexuality that the American Pie bakers of Hollywood couldn't conjure in their dreams.