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For example, Limper and Prakash found that flexible bronchoscopy was successful in removing an aspirated foreign body in only 14 of 23 patients (60.
So you attempt buy out the blinds and put some fear into the limpers by raising to $10.
Fairtrade organic is the limper of two but even with Colombian there's a lack of depth to the flavour.
Although largely of the same viscum album variety, the continental cousins are said to be limper and less generous with their berries.
Alfie sells red roses and urges everyone to wave their limp flags and sing even limper versions of Land Of Hope And Glory and Swing Low Sweet Chariot.
So why did it turn out limper than an S Club extravaganza?
Limper, Andreas and Faltmann, Gordon University of Poderborn
Technical presentations will include the following: "HF Mixing Group update," Andreas Limper, HF; "Global rubber industry outlook," Karen Sy-Laugher, Lord; "Quality, environment, health and safety," Richard Kauk, AirBoss Custom Mixing; "Integrated systems in the mixing room," Bob McNabb, HF, and Christian Tittensor, Zeppelin; "New mixer technology," Ian Wilson, Farrel Ltd.
David Elsworth, trainer of Kuala Limper "He's improving and maturing and we think we have a sporting chance.
Barbosa recommended that women with thinning hair should avoid shampoos labeled as conditioning shampoo, as they contain heavier conditioners that can weigh down the hair and make it look limper.
Even though our center has only been open for a little over three years, we'll be holding our fourth annual adoptathon," says Michael Limper, SVACA's Shelter Manager.
I called with Ace, Ace, Jack, 7 (single suited in clubs) after one early limper, only to see two more calls after me and we went to the flop with six players including both blinds.