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FRANK Hadden branded Scotland's display in yesterday's Six Nations opener against Wales as their limpest for almost three years.
Close friend Billy Connolly, who first met Mike when he was at Edinburgh with The Scaffold, said: "For me, the most powerful aspect of the Highlands is their rather curious melancholy, which can drive the limpest of hands in a poetic direction.
Nijinsky had not been sexually satisfied by the effete Diaghilev, whose determination and control predominated only in public; his handshake was the limpest you could find.
This was always going to be a night of raw-edged tension, but Arsenal contributed to their own nervousness with arguably the limpest performance of their entire European campaign.
Fresh from Cannes, where he was trying to raise financial backing for his movie Johnny Bollywood, Deepak offers the limpest of limp handshakes and tells me: "Actors aren't the creative talent in anything.