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The sun also features in Roger's photograph of Kielder Water on this page, appearing limpidly through the haze and reducing the trees to pale silhouettes.
L'Isle Joyeuse, such a compendium of Debussy's style and vocabulary, was limpidly given, before a record-breaking (for this venue, and perhaps anywhere) five encores.
Feigning naivete, her childlike drawing style limpidly conjures the polymorphous social and sexual relationships that shape this milieu.
In any event Boreyko, arms aloft, back to the audience, waited and waited for the crowd to settle down before beginning the limpidly rendered second movement, which tailed directly into the rollicking finale.
Though not as keenly focused, Laura Claycomb's supple soprano boasted limpidly floated high notes and blended well with Graham's voice in the Ilia-Idamante love duet.
American thesp, who turned 17 during filming and trained as a youngster at New York's Met, sports a limpidly arresting voice and looks that recalls a younger version of the role's originator, Sarah Brightman.
The place to see a film as fluidly daft, as limpidly out-there as this is at the mall, where you can slide from the theater's darkness into a light that shelves upward through golden pleasure domes and plunges down escalators into caves of ice.
We need no longer hunt for invisible energies; to Menashe they are limpidly present.
Alone at the beginning, in a simple black leotard and drifting black and white cape (by Irie), she dances with unpredictable, meticulous, fluid lunges and swoops, each movement impulse limpidly rendered.