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A sudden onset of limping is a common complaint, along with a history of a recent infection, fever, and hip pain.
Now the temperatures are soaring in Bahrain you need to take extra care with your dog's paws as one possibility is that the limping is a result of him walking on the hot ground.
The Limping Man has total control and power over everyone.
The danger was to keep carrying on with him when he was limping he was not playing at his full performance level.
He slowly stood up and motioned to the bench before limping off the field.
Ballack is limping, Carvalho is limping, Robben limping, so the picture is not a good one.
The England defender lasted less than 10 minutes of last night's reserve match against Tottenham at Barnet's Underhill ground before limping off following a challenge from Andy Bircham.
And limping mutts that had nails pulled from their paws.
The 23-year-old has not played since limping off during the first half of his side's FA Cup quarter-final clash with Tottenham on March 13 after a hernia problem reached the point of no return.
A scowling ten year old, limping around the lens, then gone.