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Houston went ahead 24-20 at the start of the fourth quarter before folding limply in the final 15 minutes.
McLeish was asked by the FA to explain his comments about Aktinson before the Arsenal match, which he offi-ciated limply.
The car came to a halt under the bridge with the front left wheel hanging limply.
Framed by a neo-classical arch, a disused Harrier fighter plane hangs limply suspended from the central gallery skylight as if, impossibly, it has just dropped in.
All in all, this game struggles limply towards mediocre.
An oddity in the photos with the upside-down flag is that the Iranian flag is stiff and appears printed on a board while the Pakistani flag is clearly made of cloth and hangs limply like a normal flag.
I'm still limply flat out and wheezing like an elderly harmonium.
Even as the Wembley winner he was a wounded hero, scoring the decisive goal 10 minutes from time with his arm hanging limply by his side after badly hurting his shoulder.
Pupils sat cross-legged with their eyes closed, resting their wrists limply on their knees.
THE VERDICT: Lame - though undoubtedly popular - comedy that limply spoofs a series of Hollywood hits, including 300, Casino Royale, Shrek, Spider-Man and Happy Feet, as well as US TV reality shows such as American Idol.
Until now, Congress has chosen to stand limply on the sidelines.
Oh," he said limply, "I didn't know you found another job.