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SUNDERLAND are still to beat a Premier League side this season after limply bowing out of the League Cup to an under-strength Southampton.
Drawn in muted shades with an Iraqi flag shown hanging limply in the background, the portrait nevertheless depicted a better time for the deceased tyrant.
STOURBRIDGE produced a damp squib of a display for their final home game of the season, going down limply to relegation-threatened Sale.
Would you like to see discoloured banners hanging limply every time you look out the window if you lived opposite?
Brosnan is content to loll about in the French Riviera's sunshine limply sending up his 007 past.
The arms of a wounded man hung limply off the sides of a yellow stretcher as he was carried from the scene.
ALASTAIR Cook has endured his 'lowest moment', and must now ensure England sink no further after limply losing the Ashes at the WACA.
Playing cards with the fallen flyer's logo on can be snapped up for half price at just BD3 and sadly, hanging limply from the ceiling, were a number of toy planes that would have flown around in circles on a piece of string if anyone could have bothered to change their batteries.
WALKING past Belfast City Hall, with the Union flag fluttering limply in the breeze, tourists gazed up and asked: "Is that what all the fuss has been about?
I watched the dad grab him by the arm, following which the little tyke began to scream, arm hanging limply by the side.
Even much vaunted favourites have trailed behind limply in races gone by, while underdogs, cheered on by delighted crowds, have romped home to victory against all the odds.
It was Christine in Exams who casually diagnosed it as man flu, and I smiled limply, as I was no doubt supposed to do.