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But that might be something quite minor, like a limpness in her arm.
Add that frustrating inefficiency to the limpness of Florent Sinama-Pongolle and John Arne Riise and you get the bluntless which already threatens to blight a season floating on the exotic breezes of European triumph.
Although planks were used to support the cadaver and keep its hooves in place, the making of these studies must have required careful adjustment so that the flayed subject conformed to the stance in outline of a living animal, counteracting any suggestion of limpness.
She also notes that the awkward stiffness or limpness characteristic of many of Pene du Bois's female figures indicates both their emotional ambivalence and their social powerlessness.
In the first of these four acts, the sensation of increased heaviness of the dead child in his arms is not solely the result of limpness that death imparts to the child's body.
It seemed to me possible, from the uncomprehending way he had eyed my report and the unbusinesslike limpness of his grip on the pencil, that Dad himself might not be able to read or write at all
He mentioned seeing the crew readily eat many species of fish other than the rockfishes caught by the vessel, but the ragfish was rejected for its limpness and "ugly" look (Fig.
Coventry acknowledge the limpness of their start by making a number of changes for the match against Bristol at Coundon Road.
Gary also suffers from cataplexy, a muscular limpness, which causes him to collapse, fully conscious, without warning.
All that he discovers is a momentary image of a dead-looking hand: "Is its limpness that of Adam before he was touched with life, or [.
But no amount of amiable goofing could entirely compensate for the aimlessness of the spoofing, and the general, uh, limpness of the wit on display here.
The limpness of the cable provides low resistance to movement and flexes easily in any direction.