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Use mostly on the roots as it is here that limpness originates.
SUDDEN episodes of muscle weakness, from limpness of the neck or knees, sagging facial muscles or inability to speak clearly, to complete body collapse - this can be precipitated by intense emotion, such as laughter or anger.
Jacob's limpness, temperature and rashes were said to be flu symptoms.
Symptoms include fever, vomiting, cold hands and feet, stomach and joint aches, drowsiness, limpness, pallor and a rash which doesn't dis- appear when a glass is pressed over it.
Anti-war MPs feel under pressure since Paris, Cameron exploiting the impression of limpness in arguing for Islamists to be squeezed financially while diplomacy is intensified to broker peace between Syria's warring groups.
They took advantage of our limpness in defence and credit to Leicester for working it out and getting themselves back into the game to give them a chance to win it.
She was the glove that he held in his fingers' (174) thinks the woman in 'A Dill Pickle', and while to her the thought expresses her limpness before him, his power to do what he likes with her, her desire for his touch, for the reader it also expresses her emptiness, the fact that she is hollow now she has been shed.
Yet the wound in his bare, drooping head along with the limpness of his upper body attest to his death, and invite thoughts about the bitter end of a soldier who follows his commanders' orders.
The limpness of her translucent hand among the folds of her gown and her golden hair imagined as "dorada ceniza" also speak to this sensibility of inert, moribund female beauty (13).
In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), PD is termed as "shaking palsy", a syndrome characterized by tremors, numbness and limpness and weakness of the four limbs, and the pathologic features of PD are liver-kidney Yin deficiency and qi-blood deficiency (Li et al.
Tonight is the Blues' final game of the season at the Arms Park and former Pontypridd enforcer McIntosh wants his side to perform for the sake of the Arms Park fans, many of whom made their disgust known abot the limpness of the Ospreys showing via various social media channels.