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His ankle had stiffened, his limp was more pronounced, but the pain of it was as nothing compared with the pain of his stomach.
Then began as grim a tragedy of existence as was ever played - a sick man that crawled, a sick wolf that limped, two creatures dragging their dying carcasses across the desolation and hunting each other's lives.
Then he turned on his heel and limped into the forest, leaving us calling querulously and plaintively to one another from the cave-mouths.
He became slower of movement, the resiliency went out of his muscles, and his limp became permanent.
He still found time to read a great deal, to ride, and to take long, rambling walks, for, in spite of his limp, he was a great walker and could go twenty or thirty miles.
Nevertheless, when Diana and the other girls had rushed frantically around the house--except Ruby Gillis, who remained as if rooted to the ground and went into hysterics--they found Anne lying all white and limp among the wreck and ruin of the Virginia creeper.
"Everybody has been so good and kind, Marilla," sighed Anne happily, on the day when she could first limp across the floor.
Miss Marian walked very well now; her limp was scarcely noticeable.
You can see if it limps. If the animal limps, it is sick and a treyfah.
Rhys Lloyd Jones | Rhys limps off show MILK producer Rhys Lloyd Jones last night limped out of Fferm Ffactor after picking up an injury on his Tregaron farm.