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He still found time to read a great deal, to ride, and to take long, rambling walks, for, in spite of his limp, he was a great walker and could go twenty or thirty miles.
Everybody has been so good and kind, Marilla," sighed Anne happily, on the day when she could first limp across the floor.
She let her legs go limp like a spoiled child, and sat down on the trail.
The hair hung down, limp and draggled, or matted with dried blood where Hal's club had bruised him.
With thy love, go into thine isolation, my brother, and with thy creating; and late only will justice limp after thee.
Rhys Lloyd Jones | Rhys limps off show MILK producer Rhys Lloyd Jones last night limped out of Fferm Ffactor after picking up an injury on his Tregaron farm.