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LINEAGE. Properly speaking lineage is the relationship of persons in a direct line; as the grandfather, the father, the son, the grandson, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Total linage was down 6.1 percent for the period, with general off 14.3 percent, retail off 9.4 percent and classified off 6.9 percent.
Se trataba del primogenito de Antonio Linage Revilla y Petra Conde
Wachovia also tracks the linage at The Wall Street Journal, which is having a much more "volatile" April.
The company's weekend financial tabloid, Barron's, also saw a February volume dip: linage was down 7.5 percent.
Last week's issue of Advertising Age features its summary of consumer magazine advertising linage for the first quarter of 2000.
Del 13 al 15 de abril de 2007 se celebro en la monumental villa segoviana de Sepulveda el I Congreso Nacional de Historia de las cofradias sacramentales, organizado por la Cofradia del Corpus de dicha localidad y bajo la direccion academica del reconocido medievalista Antonio Linage Conde.
Over at the Wall Street Journal, Wachovia found that June lineage is off in the double-digit range (high teens) with color linage down 25%.
November was also good at the Journal's overseas editions -- the European edition's linage was up 14.3 percent, while the Asian edition's linage was up almost 30 percent.
Atex components also manage price-sensitive data, such as linage and word count, enabling flexible rating rules and dynamic price generation, calculated by SAP modules, while composing ads.
Vivancos, Jose Antonio Abad, Constancio Minguez, Ernesto Zaragoza, Marquez Pailos, Santiago del Cura, el actual abad Clemente Serna, Linage Conde y otros, entre los que se cuenta tambien el coordinador Lopez Santidrian.
Overall linage was flat at the company's flagship Morning News, when comparing the four-weekend October 2003 and the five-weekend October 2004, and while general was up 8.9 percent, retail was down 4.2 percent and classified was flat.
The Tribune's real estate linage, for instance, plummeted 46.7%.