line of action

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The initiative was launched with the objective of adopting a new line of action to ensure that the bank listens to and more importantly, responds to customer suggestions and needs in a more proactive way, rather than only react to service-related incidents through the bank's customer care programme.
The present paper explores aspects of FEA studies (model, analysis, post-processing) of the static torsion gear tooth stiffness along the line of action for the geometrical case of [[epsilon].
The ARSOF contribution within the investment line of action is designed to provide focused, full-time military expertise in assessment, planning, coordination, and advice and assistance on behalf of combatant commanders at the request of Ambassadors.
Had his intended line of action succeeded, presumably there would have been no corrective consequence.
Now two of his supporters are planning to launch a full line of action figures featuring historical figures such as South American independence heroes Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Miranda.
Now because the powers that be took the line of action they did, it is going to be felt by the local taxpayer in the end.
Fearful that he could perish in the line of action and leave his children destitute, Larry suggests a bold plan of action to his equally straight buddy, Chuck Levine (Adam Sandier): they claim to be gay and name Chuck as the new beneficiary.
The administration is right to encourage this line of action.
A policy based on the worst possible line of action can lead nowhere but to horror," said Chirac, opening a summit in Cannes of African heads of state
A sixth postulate, P6, maintains that actors are able to distinguish the costs and benefits of alternative lines of action and that they choose the line of action with the most favorable balance (maximization, optimization).
No excuses, no shifting the blame, just a straight explanation and a direct line of action.
it then demanded that its leader, Yasser Arafat, crush Hamas, a by then impossible task, even if Arafat had wanted to follow this line of action.