line of demarcation

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He can sit, stand, lie down, or move laterally, so long as he doesn't drift past my line of demarcation.
In fact, the line of demarcation between the slums and the SEPs is the hill.
The term "fade'' refers to the way a cut fades into the hairline with no obvious line of demarcation.
You and your friend will need to have a line of demarcation and clearly defined boundaries of when to communicate as friends versus your boss/subordinate communications.
As per the association there is a thin line of demarcation between medical accident and negligence as medical treatment does not have fixed modus operandi.
The line of demarcation begins at Jupiter where the Gulf Stream swings east and the coastline goes west," says charter captain Eden White, who also writes the weekly fishing forecasts for the Florida Sportsman website.
More than a dozen of the lines would offer some service, but none below Manhattan's 34th Street, a line of demarcation in the city separating the hardest-hit residents from those who escaped the brunt.
The consistency of the material was sticky enough that the line of demarcation held throughout the better part of the morning.
Yes, there are threats and conflicts that are generated by the concept of freedom of conscience, expression and artistic innovation," he said, stressing the difficulty of the task of defining the delicate and difficult line of demarcation between the two communities' freedom.
There is a line of demarcation that has recently started as divide and separation between groups keep arising, which I am trying to fight and end.
The tumour nodule had a distinct vascular pedicle that was divided with the UAS, and this created a line of demarcation between the nodule and the remainder of the spleen that was marked with the UAS.
There exists a distinct line of demarcation that divides Israel, a nation fraught with hatred, misunderstanding, and violence,.