line of descent

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"Line of Descent" is tightly and imaginatively scripted.
Under Japan's imperial system, which dates back to the fifth century and has been perpetuated by a male line of descent, there have been eight female monarchs among 125 emperors who existed, including legendary ones, before the current law went into force in 1947.
However, Honor Eraser's recent exhibition of punk-rock ephemera--which showcased the collection of Toby Mott, who also organized the show--reminded us to what extent a cartoonish element was part of punk from the start, and that this in no way betrays its direct line of descent from Futurism and Surrealism to Dadaism on down to Situationism (as theorized in Greil Marcus's Lipstick Traces, for example).
This line of descent from Hammett tends to align the eccentric figures of the tradition--Highsmith, for example--who are, perhaps not coincidentally, the most beloved by crime fiction's anthologists.
Well, first of all, there is a direct line of descent of gameplay ideas from the old days where 'kill-or-be-killed' was easier to make than complex simulations.
And, the spoon provides a smooth line of descent, consistently feeding the material at a specific speed and direction to minimize impact in the loading zone.
Hussein's family claims a line of descent from the Islamic prophet Muhammad and Ismail, son of the biblical prophet Abraham.
Inevitably, there is a direct line of descent through the formative years of United up to the present Modern Magpies.
"While Ireland is the subject of so much diasporic fondness, fervor, and affection, family history in Northern Ireland demonstrates in the most raw and painful ways the effects of divisive genealogical definitions of relatedness, belonging, identity, and difference and the inescapably political nature of all expressions of collective ancestry and origins." Showing that genealogy can be conciliatory as well as divisive, Nash demonstrates that family histories may often disturb notions of any one clear line of descent within either of the "two communities." Family history may intentionally be or inadvertently become an exploration of the history of Northern Ireland through the lens of the personal and the familial.
Use of 16S rDNA sequence analysis showed these species to be closely related and to form a distinct line of descent within the lactic acid bacteria (3).
The argument that Middle English poetry, particularly Layamon's Brut, has a direct line of descent from classical through late Old English poetry is solid.
* ancestor: one from whom a person is descended and who is usually more remote in the line of descent than a grandparent.