line of goods

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And when any man thinks I can't get along without him, I just show him the latest pattern in that line of goods and give him his walking-papers.
As it extended, I brought out a line of goods suitable for kings, and a nobby thing for duchesses and that sort, with ruffles down the fore- hatch and the running-gear clewed up with a feather- stitch to leeward and then hauled aft with a back-stay and triced up with a half-turn in the standing rigging forward of the weather-gaskets.
But get a line of good length, Tepus, and set up the targets at tenscore paces.
appearance on the Home Shopping Network, released a new book, Style Solutions, and is negotiating with a major retailer to launch a line of goods for the U.
When it tried to compete by offering a wide line of goods, it was forced to compete on a price basis.