line of sight

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DICE says that Line of Sight for "Battlefield 1" will be available this week, but it didn't provide an exact date.
A faster arrow: The faster your arrow you goes, the closer it stays to your line of sight.
Line of sight encourages employee feedback--both positive and negative that guides the organization in making continuous improvements or initiating major changes.
But because the Doppler shift can only measure one component of motion--in and out along the line of sight--the extent to which it can reveal the true mass of the orbiting body depends on the tilt of its orbit relative to the line of sight.
Examining the star HD 209458, another team had already detected a dimming of the starlight just at the time that astronomers had predicted its planet would cross the line of sight to Earth (SN: 11/20/99, p.
In the unlikely event that the stars move much more slowly across the sky than they do along the line of sight to Earth, the unseen heavyweight need not be as massive or compact as a black hole.
It looks like we skewered between five and seven hydrogen clouds along the line of sight," says Richard J.