line of sight

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Line of sight encourages employee feedback--both positive and negative that guides the organization in making continuous improvements or initiating major changes.
It does mean a change, but the change is required to provide for adequate traffic safety,'' said principal county engineer Dennis Hunter, who added that flattening out the curve doesn't promote speeding, a concern residents have suggested, but improves the line of sight.
But because the Doppler shift can only measure one component of motion--in and out along the line of sight--the extent to which it can reveal the true mass of the orbiting body depends on the tilt of its orbit relative to the line of sight.
For applications up to 2500 feet (762 meters) line of sight, wireless module with 2.
The back-and-forth motion, or wobble, of the stars along the line of sight to Earth betrays the gravitational pull of planets too faint to be seen.
Of the three components of the stars' velocity, astronomers had measured only one-the back-and-forth motion along the line of sight to Earth.