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But while the result is interesting, it has no actual effect on the line of succession.
Long Odds, Worthy Candidate in Presidential Line of Succession
Prince Harry has shifted down the line of succession to fifth place, but is more pleased than put out by the move.
Force It is 65 years since a girl was born so high in the line of succession - when Princess Anne arrived third in line as the Queen's second child.
The third in the line of succession, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Henrique Eduardo Alves (affiliated with PMDB party in the state of Rio Grande do Norte), and the fourt, the president of the Senate, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-Alagoas) have declared themselves unable to take office due to electoral appointments.
The couple's second child will become fourth in line to the throne, shifting Prince Harry further down the line of succession.
The saudi line of succession does not pass directly from father to son, as in European monarchies, but has moved along a line of brothers born to the country's founder King Abdulaziz who died in 1954.
And Saudis have always been informed of the succession process and who is who in the line of succession.
There is no formal line of succession beyond the king and crown prince, and some analysts had speculated that it would pass to another member of the ruling family.
The armed forces chiefs are appointed on the basis of seniority which results in a clear line of succession in the normal course.
As the second male child, he is backup in the line of succession.