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During ergonomic modelling of the working conditions and the arrangement of the working elements using virtualization of the workload of the visual field, it was found that in cases when the control by means of the visual system is realized within comfortable anatomic possibilities of the physiological transfer of the line of vision, this contributes to a large extent to a lower level of fatigue and better coordination of movements.
The deflection has beaten the keeper not the fact Robertson was in his line of vision.
The GT is a neat and lively car to drive, but I'd prefer the speedo rather than rev counter to be in my line of vision.
All transit buses should have an interlock system on their back doors that make the bus unable to move until they are completely shut, but front doors do not have the safety mechanism because they are in the driver's direct line of vision, said Eric Tate, the business representative for Teamsters Local 848, the union that represents York.
The firm's line of vision products includes a linear belt machine and a rotary machine.
However, the posterior ear canal bone compromises the line of vision into the posterior tympanum during such a procedure, and anatomic components of the posterior tympanum (e.
Quality Station is a new line of vision inspection systems that features multi-camera capability and Plant Vision 7 software from Avalon Vision Solutions.
The kit allows the "smart labels" to be read even if the label is not in the line of vision.
Unlike traditional bar codes, RFID labels can be read even if the label is not in the line of vision of the reader-if it is hidden inside packaging, for example.
The monitor directly in the driver's line of vision provides all the information required at any time without distracting the driver from the traffic and road situation around him, since the monitor is in the driver's immediate line of vision to the road.
Too simple to put it on the top of the cistern, or either side of the cistern or on part of the wall that is in your line of vision.
I seriously wished to cause injury to the selfish swine merrily bouncing up and down in my line of vision.