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The past few years have seen a decline in deaths of journalists in their line of work, which has resulted in more courageous stories emerging.
[U.S.A.], October 23 ( ANI ): Following the allegations that producer Harvey Weinstein harassed and assaulted several women over three decades, Hollywood actor George Clooney has revealed her wife Amal faced similar situations in her own line of work.
Over the past three years, at least six doctors have died and dozens others have been left with long-lasting issues after contracting an infection in their line of work, according to the syndicate census.
If you actively dislike parts of your day-to-day job - or you don't get the chance to use all of your talents - ask yourself whether what you do is typical for someone in your line of work. If you're dissatisfied with the job itself, changing department or employer may not improve things.
In what other line of work can you go on strike and end up earning more money?
And when William Rehnquist stopped in for services at a Lutheran church while attending an out-of-town judicial conference, he wanted so badly to avoid being the center of attention that when asked his line of work he averred to being a "government lawyer." Rosen suggests that these well-honed social (and to some degree political) instincts contribute to a jurist's effectiveness on the bench and inform judgments that stand the test of time.
It's easy enough for enlightened members of the comfortable classes to insist there's no reason for shame: You didn't bring the layoff down on yourself; you didn't determine that the maximum wage in your line of work would be in the neighborhood of $8 an hour.
Like in any line of work, attempting to implement a new Way of doing things is never easy.
How are the tables used for your line of work? And would you be willing to access the data electronically from the BLS Web page?
Q If you weren't in this job, what other line of work would you like to pursue?
As if those in the "death industry" using spurious surveys to tout for business was not disturbing enough - and fundamentally pointless in a line of work with uniquely guaranteed demand - the snapshot of the musical taste of the Great British public is almost too horrific for words.
The Nebraska team got into its microbial line of work by accident.