lineal descendants

See: issue, progeny
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I am fully convinced that species are not immutable; but that those belonging to what are called the same genera are lineal descendants of some other and generally extinct species, in the same manner as the acknowledged varieties of any one species are the descendants of that species.
If the lineal descendants of Ham are alone to be scriptur- ally enslaved, it is certain that slavery at the south must soon become unscriptural; for thousands are ushered into the world, annually, who, like myself, owe their existence to white fathers, and those fa- thers most frequently their own masters.
For the great airships with which Germany attacked New York in her last gigantic effort for world supremacy--before humanity realized that world supremacy was a dream--were the lineal descendants of the Zeppelin airship that flew over Lake Constance in 1906, and of the Lebaudy navigables that made their memorable excursions over Paris in 1907 and 1908.
But the seaman of the last generation, brought into sympathy with the caravels of ancient time by his sailing-ship, their lineal descendant, cannot look upon those lumbering forms navigating the naive seas of ancient woodcuts without a feeling of surprise, of affectionate derision, envy, and admiration.
He did not mention that he was a lineal descendant of Balaam's ass, but everybody knew that without his telling it.
I am the lineal descendant of that infant -- I am the rightful Duke of Bridgewater; and here am I, forlorn, torn from my high estate, hunted of men, despised by the cold world, ragged, worn, heart-broken, and degraded to the companion- ship of felons on a raft
Du Bois, the present librarian of Ardis, is a lineal descendant of this revolutionary pair.
It also includes spouses or civil partners of lineal descendants and widows, widowers and surviving civil partners of lineal descendants, providing they have not re-married before the death of the donor.
We want the opportunity for our lineal descendants to know and to be able to live their lives as humanists, if they choose a life course that has no need for primitive myths that control through fear of an eternity in hell and promise a life after death for the devout.
In further news, the previously mentioned Residential Nil Rate Band ('RNRB') has now come into force offering the potential for individual's to have an additional PS100,000 which can pass free of inheritance tax if they leave their home to direct lineal descendants.
section]2701 if the transferor, either alone or together with applicable family members and any lineal descendants of the transferor's parents or the transferor's spouse's parents, controls the investment entity.
831(b) when, for example, a family-owned business is insured by a captive owned by the lineal descendants of the business owner.