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That which comes in a line, particularly a direct line, as from parent to child or grandparent to grandchild.

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LINEAL. That which comes in a line. Lineal consanguinity is that which subsists between persons, one of whom is descended in a direct line from the other. Lineal descent, is that which takes place among lineal kindred.

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According to 19th-century science and most of today's nonscientists, scientific methods require the postulate of mechanistic-materialistic determinism whereby lineally operating causes preclude freedom of choice in natural events.
All one hundred or so were lineally or affinally related to each other.
10) These events of 1603 are described in retrospect, from the perspective of her dispute with her husband over her inheritance, for Clifford pointedly remarks that her father's right to "carry the Sword" in Elizabeth's funeral procession, though contested by Burleigh, "was an office by inheritance, and so is lineally descended to me" (22).
cuneata, Asterogyne martiana) are light limited in closed understory microsites, their carbon gain being lineally related to (diffuse) light availability over 0.
It should not be confused with the rise of the corporate-bashing neoprotectionists, whose beliefs are lineally descended from late-nineteenth-century populism.
And, if the density of such air were doubled or trebled, or, for that matter, even if the pressurization were increased an order of magnitude or two more, viscosity would not increase lineally with pressure.
John Munro were lineally descended from the Munros of Foulis.
Any time metropolitan areas spread out, services that have to be delivered lineally will be strained, noted Jeff Romine, an economist with DRCOG, the Denver Regional Council of Governments.
Dispersal rate lineally increases with RBAMT from that value up to 0.
The teenager was expelled last November for "blinding" a member of staff with a laser pen but reinstated by the councils independent statutory appeals committee, made up lineally and based on national guidelines, which overturned the decision.
Racial classifications, like titles of nobility, defy this restraint on legislative action because the legislator knows that race-based burdens or benefits are transmitted lineally.
It would make void only marriages between persons related lineally by consanguinity, between brothers and sisters, and between half-brothers and half-sisters.