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The work for social justice as an integral part of the Christian mission is stressed repeatedly in the Asian responses to the lineamenta, but this emphasis is largely absent from the synod's working paper.
This week NCR looks at the Vatican's lineamenta, or preparatory document and the responses to it from bishops' conferences in East and Southeast Asia.
The Vatican sent an initial outline of synod topics, called the lineamenta, to the bishops of the 40 Asian conferences in September 1996.
Upon receipt of the English and French translations of the lineamenta published in Rome on Sept.
While the Synod for Africa was convoked in 1989, it did not convene until 1994, leaving plenty of time for the African bishops to discuss the lineamenta (outline or overview of the synod's theme) and develop an instrumentum laboris (working paper).
The Vatican has given the bishops until mid-December to respond to the lineamenta for the proposed Synod on the Americas (NCR, Oct.
Now we have a further step in the process: the publication by Cardinal Jan Schotte of the Vatican's Synod of Bishops of the lineamenta, a preliminary document intended "to foster a common reflection and prayer on the topic as well as to generate suggestions and observations.
The latest lineamenta, titled "Encounter with the Living Jesus Christ: The Way to Conversion, Communion and Solidarity in America," prepared by Cardinal Jan Schotte for the Synod of Bishops on the Americas, is a prime example (story, page 4).
Just how the church should do this has been reflected in answers to a Vatican questionnaire, sent out as part of the synod's lineamenta, or preparatory documents.
It is presented to the Episcopal Conferences as lineamenta [guidelines].
A careful reading of the responses of the Asian episcopal conferences to the Lineamenta, the individual bishops' speeches+ during the synod, and John Paul II's postsynodal apostolic exhortation, Ecclesia in Asia, readily shows how far the Asian Catholic Church has moved forward from its barely noticeable contributions to Vatican II to the Asian Synod, and all that thanks to its wholehearted reception of Vatican II, or more precisely, the council's trajectories.
In Lineamenta for Oceania, the influence of the Catholic Church on Ireland's laws is shown through the almost identical language used in both the Lineamenta and Ireland's laws related to family.