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Linear replication, which uses linear schedule ingest and real-time dynamic ad insertion to replicate, on tablets and IP devices, the original linear TV ads; and linear addressability, which combines subscriber information from the BlackArrow subscriber information service product and real-time dynamic ad insertion to deliver household-addressable linear TV advertising to any platform.
RGS linear rails are available with screw leads ranging from 0.
Proposition 2 [1] Let (F X) be a fuzzy field of X and Y a linear space over X Let V be a fuzzy set of Y.
The backside releases as the arm continues on a linear path toward the target.
After entering the data into SPSS, a user-friendly, software program that can generate simple statistics similar to Excel, a scatterplot of the data in Figure 1 revealed a positive and moderately strong linear relationship between the two variables [Figure 1].
There has been tremendous growth in cell-type automation systems that incorporate a linear robot for part takeout, which then hands the part to an articulated robot for downstream operations," says John Mallon, president of Yushin America.
For the case of linear PBd samples el: low molecular weight and narrow polydispersity, this prediction has been verified (refs.
Within the linear recording technology, SLR tape drives utilize cartridges that contain both tape guidance components and a portion of the tape drive system.
They used linear models and one quadratic model to formulate their predictions, which allowed them to test linear models' ability to accurately predict occupational and nonoccupational risk from benzene exposure.
Most genetic elements carried by these bacteria are linear with covalently closed termini or telomeres (27).
The study was designed to see what types of reasoning students who have recently completed a linear algebra course apply to problems in algebraic thinking.
com/research/94rjjq/polyethylene) has announced the addition of the "Polyethylene linear low density 2011 World Market Outlook and ForecastPolyethylene Linear Low Density (LLDPE) 2012 World Market Outlook and Forecast up to 2017" report to their offering.