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Analysis of reported experimental data [17] indicates that the forward angular momentum associated with a forward fall is neutralized primarily during the impact phase, whereas the forward and downward linear momentum associated with a fall was reduced during the postimpact phase.
Equation 3 defines linear impulse (I), and is equal to the change in linear momentum, as shown in equation 4.
It is well known that the velocity of the phase boundary can be calculated by means of the jump relation corresponding to the balance of linear momentum [15], which can be represented in a one-dimensional case as
They also assessed maximum whole body angular momentum, maximum whole body anterior posterior linear momentum, and maximum whole body vertical linear momentum, as well as the intervals between the start and end of each task.
This means that between such self-measurements uncertainty principle exists (as between the measurements of electron co-ordinate and corresponding linear momentum in quantum mechanics of the micro-world), and so the system (human mind) is the quantum one.