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The addition of VALIDATE Procalcitonin, for Roche cobas analyzers, to the LGC Maine Standards expanding portfolio of products demonstrates a continued commitment to manufacture high-quality linearity and calibration verification products that meet industry needs.
Linearity studies are performed to determine the linear reportable range for an analyte.
Peregrine has been supporting these requirements for years in the wireless markets, and we are pleased to bring the exceptional linearity and isolation performance that can only be achieved using Peregrine's UltraCMOS technology and HaRP enhancements to broadband cable applications.
To test linearity our null hypothesis is H0 : th3 = 0, against the alternative of H1 : th3 [?
Surprisingly, linearity is usually taken to be a self-evident, straightforward label that refers to formal discoursal progression free from digressions without any further qualification.
The AP-series devices are designed to optimize the back-off linearity characteristics by setting the bias point to give a fast decrease of ACLR without backing-off too much in output power.
Throughout the interior, linearity is emphasized by lines of ebony shelving, black against the creamy stone.
In a usual statistical test, observed deviations from linearity are compared to a hypothesized difference of zero.
We tested linearity, using the following materials: CAP Linearity Survey material LN2-21 (College of American Pathologists, Northfield, IL); reconstituted according to instructions, mixed high- and low-concentration vials to make five, equally-spaced in concentration solutions; HDL-C and LDL-C control material (Sigma Diagnostics); and Enzyme diluent (DuPont Clinical Diagnostic Systems).
VALIDATE ([R] )VIT D will address the growing demand by laboratories for a product to document calibration verification / linearity of their testing systems.
Targeted Improvements: The GaN implementation of the output stage could be very attractive since the technology can provide high linearity together with high efficiency i.