lines of demarcation

See: confines
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Cultural Borders of Europe: Narratives, Concepts and Practices in the Present and the Past" (the newest volume in the 'Making Sense of History' series provides a wide-ranging exploration of these lines of demarcation in a variety of regions and historical eras, providing essential insights into the state of European intercultural relations today.
In closing chapters, time and space seem to collapse until there are no more lines of demarcation, except for the anchoring voice of Muzhduk.
Potential adverse effects also include clear lines of demarcation with improper feathering, prolonged erythema, permanent hypopigmentation, infection, and scarring, he added.
Indeed, the lines of demarcation were clearly and accurately defined, and anyone who would breach them would be exposed to being stopped, and often killed.
Lin attributed long-standing fishing disputes between Taiwan and Japan in the contested waters off the Senkaku Islands, known as Tiaoyutai in Taiwan, to the lack of clear lines of demarcation.
Although these lines of demarcation are not always perfectly clear, how does Section 7 apply to Facebook and social media?
OWN isn't alone in mining genres traditionally associated with daytime as traditional lines of demarcation between dayparts fade, with additional examples premiering in the next few weeks.
Instead, mapmakers simplified sovereignty's bounds by drawing clear lines of demarcation between powers.
As vice-chairman football he has been working closely with manager Alex McLeish on player recruitment and the pair have built up a good rapport and understanding, with apparent clear lines of demarcation.
Ghosts is concerned with boundaries--what separates life from a dream, art from commerce, one year from the next, Argentina from Chile, a human from a ghost, an incomplete building from its surroundings--and as Aira plucks away at the lines of demarcation this playful cautionary tale comes to feel at times very real, and at others like a cosmicomic.
Racial classification is impossible because humanity is very diverse, and distinct lines of demarcation among groups do not exist.