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And yet they lingered. How dreary looked the forest-track that led backward to the settlement, where Hester Prynne must take up again the burden of her ignominy and the minister the hollow mockery of his good name!
Stocks recover late but concerns linger !-- -- Iris Gonzales (The Philippine Star) - August 24, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines The benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) went up by 40.58 points, or 0.51 percent to close at 7,889.41 due to last minute bargain hunting, analysts said.
UNEXPOSED over fences but on the evidence of his exploits in Galway, Linger should be more than capable of landing the Hein Pollmeier Memorial Handicap Chase on the final day of Tramore's August Festival tomorrow.
Aislinn Hunter's Linger, Still is a collection of poems that asks its reader to be still inside, to observe, and to pay attention to the small, quiet bits of beauty in the world.
The weather will begin to stabilize gradually Thursday afternoon, but remains chilly at night in most regions with light variable winds and widespread frost formation late at night that will linger into early Friday.
He said: "It's frustrating and disappointing but we can't allow that to linger.
Three of the Irish rock band's hits have also re-entered the Official Singles Chart, with 1994 hit Zombie at number 45, 1993's Linger at 47 and Dreams, first released in 1992, at 66.
'We want to change the experience and encourage people to linger longer.
Miller previously revealed that due to a "finger linger" Santos and Murtaugh shared during a stakeout years ago, the father of three is "immediately freaked out" when he sees her at the division.
The toffee and caramel flavours linger in the mouth for a while after drinking.
PAGASA reports show a slow-moving storm that might linger throughout the coming week.
A consultant DDP has hired--from Denmark of all places--has studied the "lingering" times (reporting that only 1 percent of visitors "linger"), and there is another consultant hired for a plan "to more efficiently address security issues on the mall and enhance consumer confidence in the space." It would seem that the two main identified problems that inhibit are "lingering."