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Problem: Either you're a kitchen lingerer or you're sitting in front of the TV after a long day, mindlessly munching.
The board members include: Anne Marie Api (RIFM), Dolores Avezzano (independent), Gillian Bleirnann (Bene Inc.), Patricia Halle (lingerer & Co), Joan Huang (Smrise Inc.), Joanne Kennedy (IFF), Cathianne Leonardi Flavors), Erica Lennond (The John D.
Gravel can either be sorted out simply or it can linger and grumble for ages and we have a lingerer and grumbler.
Gravel can either be sorted out simply or it can linger and grumble for ages, and we have got a lingerer and grumbler at the moment."
Thus it is a loss that Lingerer's bold assertion that Bosch was criticizing and questioning slavery (142) remains only that--a well meaning assertion--and nothing more.
The Song of the Nightingale is Like the Scent of Syringa (2) Nightingale singing--gale of Nanking Sing--mystery of Ming-dynasty sing ing in Ming Syringa Myringa Singer Song-winged sing-wing syringa ringer Song-wing sing long syringa lingerer (80)
Further on in stanzas 33 and 34 Hopkins repeats and develops this idea: With a mercy that out rides The all of water, an ark For the listener; for the lingerer with a love glides Lower than death and the dark; A vein for the visiting of the past-prayer, pent in prison, The-last-breath penitent spirits--the uttermost mark Our passion-plunged giant risen, The Christ of the Father compassionate, fetched in the storm of his strides.