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Facing her from the opposite page are three of her maids of honour or ladies-in-waiting, Ellen and Eden and Susan, and, as Mr Bums lingeringly turns the pages, there are Ginny and Mary and Gail, Marian, Isabel, Carol, Liz, Ray and Jackie, Alice, Betsey and Suzanne, Susan, Grier and Brooks, Katie and Candy.
This is not hard with a keep-fit regime of 20 slow press-ups done lingeringly, as many straight-leg lifts as your stomach can manage, 20 toe-touchings then a very hot shower followed by a five minute cold one.
Their lingeringly satisfying, savory quality (also found in steak, soy sauce, and parmesan cheese) has actually been defined as umami, the so-called fifth taste, along with salty, sweet, bitter, and sour.
However, anchored by solid performances from its two leads and even better ones by Francoise Fabian and Michael Lonsdale as Marion's parents, themselves locked together in a volatile love-hate marriage, it remains a lingeringly resonant experience.
There are enough of these fine stories to make this volume well worth obtaining--not to be read all at once, but slowly and lingeringly, one or two stories at a time.
When asked who was responsible for the Vietnam War, McNamara unhesitatingly says "the President" but softens this pronouncement by kissing Johnson's ass with his very next breath, lingeringly enough that even LBJ would have been mortified by it.
And of course an effective brake to dwell on that thought too lingeringly clamped down almost at once: Look who's talking.
Lingeringly, they unfold their arms and gently they straighten their backs until they come to a seated, upright posture.
Fanciful and lingeringly self-luxuriating as this speech is, it fits Richard perfectly.
W HEN Jeff Goldblum used his fingers lingeringly to track the path of a water droplet across the back of Laura Dern's hand in the film Jurassic Park, his excuse was that he was demonstrating a mathematical principle.
Slowly, lingeringly, he puts them away, allowing his eyes one last look of affection before hiding them in a far, unseen corner of his closet.