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The music and the memories Will linger still with you.
NNA - 13/4/2011 - March 14 forces said in a statement on Wednesday the danger of the 1975 Lebanese civil war lingers for illegitimate weapons still rove throughout the nation.
Summary: Volatility from the height of last week's credit crisis lingers.
This is the kind of poetry that lingers on the mind with the kind of satisfaction so often sought, but so rarely found, in contemporary American poetry.
An introspective allegory about the search for prosperity of the soul, a need that lingers despite fulfilling the needs of the body, LeRoi tracks its self-assured, at times sardonic, yet inwardly incomplete protagonist on a journey of expanded awareness.
As the cabin door closes, the camera briefly lingers.
And when the shooting and bombing is done, no audience lingers to watch victims and their families grapple with their shattered lives.
Their tangles up truth itself, and resolving it may come at a steep price--for the life of the child born of their love/hate relationship lingers in the balance.
Others describe it as a tightly focused, mineral aroma with an earthy, almost musky sweetness that lingers without burning.