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Metastases to lingual lymph nodes from squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue.
A high prevalence of interalveolar foramina has also been reported.[sup][4],[10] In the present study, wires were inserted into the lingual plates through the foramina.
Lingual osseous choristomas vary in size from 3 mm to 5 cm and present clinically as hard masses that can be either pedunculated or sessile.
Subsequently four different lingual brackets (STB, Ormco, Glendora, CA, USA; TTR, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, Denver, CO, USA; Idea, Leone, Sesto Fiorentino, Italy; 2D, Forestadent, Pforzheim, Germany) and a vestibular control bracket (Victory, 3M, Monrovia, CA, USA) were bonded according to manufacturers' instructions.
Durante la diseccion rutinaria en las clases practicas de la Unidad Curricular Anatomia de los Animales Domesticos de un especimen hembra caprino, cruzada mestizo Criollo, de seis anos de edad, aproximadamente, se observo que la arteria lingual izquierda a nivel del extremo craneal de la glandula tiroides, se origino de la arteria carotida comun izquierda, mostrando un diametro de 3 mm, luego la arteria continuo su recorrido profundo a la insercion del musculo esternotiroideo, curso por la pared lateral de la laringe y profunda a los musculos esternomandibular y omohioideo y glandula mandibular (FIGS.
There are a few differential considerations for the imaging appearance of lingual osseous choristomas, including tonsilloliths, amyloidoma, and extraskeletal osteosarcoma.
(12) Malignant transformation of ectopic thyroid tissue is also observed in cases of lingual thyroid more in females at the ratio 3:1.
Our patient's thyroid-stimulating hormone was significantly elevated at 9.8 mcIU/mL (normal, 0.34-5.60 mcIU/mL) and technetium scanning showed that the lingual thyroid was her only functioning thyroid tissue.
Aim of this study is to investigate the frequency, the shape, and the dimension of anterior mandibular lingual foramina and their canals.
Distribution and types of these lingual papillae are related to species eating habits [4].
Initially there were certain difficulties in the use of lingual therapy.
Furthermore, when the ratio between bucco-lingual width and height of the alveolar process is considered, it was found to be more strongly correlated to the lingual undercut angulation at both LM1 (r=.454) and LM2 (r=.592) sites (Tables I and II, respectively).