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As the diet of the Magellanic penguins is mainly based on slippery animals, such as fish, cephalopods and shellfish (SCHIAVINI et al., 2005; YOFRE et al., 1983) lingual papillae have an important role in these animals, as they aid the apprehension of the food (MCLELLAND, 1979).
Kageyama, "Light and scanning electron microscopic study on the tongue and lingual papillae of the common raccoon, Procyon lotor" Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica, vol.
The variation in the distribution and types of lingual papillae were related to manner of food uptake [13].
Four types of lingual papillae were observed in the dorsal lingual surface of the least weasel; filiform, conical, fungiform and vallate.
This work described the light microscopic features of the development of the lingual papillae at the foetal and prepubertal stages in the Red Sokoto goat (Capra hircus), an important breed of goat in Northern Nigeria.
According to the authors, the architecture of CTC is variable due to the type of lingual papillae. Although, it was related that the filiform papillae of tongue presented morphological variations not only between the species, but also between different localizations on the tongue surface.