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Short cristae are present only on the lingual surface of the main cusps.
The present case was reported in the lingual surface of anterior maxillary gingiva.
Results: Two to four foramina were observed on the lingual surfaces in the symphysis areas in 27 dry skulls.
9, 25) However, these retainers make oral hygiene more difficult as the lingual surface becomes more susceptible to the formation of calculus.
On examination, 22 was buccally placed and revealed presence of one extra cusp on its lingual surface (Figure 2).
This is a case of giant osteoma involving buccal and lingual surface of the body, ramus, angle and inferior border of the right mandible.
Using a sterile technique, a 2-cm skin incision is camouflaged within the superomedial aspect of the submental triangle, along the lingual surface of the mandible.
They clinically presented with at least one large class II primary molar carious lesion not extending pre-operatively to the buccal and/or lingual surface.
The tongue is found in all vertebrates except fishes and some amphibians and the undulation as of the dorsal lingual surface are recognizable as a common feature of the tongues of most animals from amphibian to mammals (Iwasaki & Kamakura, 1994; Iwasaki et al.
Data on labial and lingual surface fracture lines are summarized in Table 2.