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These patients tend to be younger, with less cumulative tobacco exposure, and with tumors arising in the palatine or lingual tonsil, which have a nonkeratinizing, often poorly differentiated, morphology.
3) Human papillomavirus-positive tumors have a marked predilection for the palatine and lingual tonsils, where they account for about two-thirds of carcinomas arising at these sites in the United States.
3) The English-language literature contains limited reports of lingual tonsil hypertrophy in an adult that had caused significant dysphagia and that was treated conservatively.
The tongue is located at the anterior margin of the hypopharynx and the lingual tonsils reside at the base of the tongue.
On examination with a Jackson laryngoscope, there were no mucosal abnormalities, but a generalized fullness of the left piriform sinus and vallecula was observed, as well as some fullness of the lingual tonsils and faucial pillars.
In type III, obstruction emanates from the tongue, lingual tonsils, or supraglottis.